Waste and recycling workshop

FREE talk presented by Maroondah City Council

Each year, the average Maroondah household produces 451kg of waste which is sent to landfill.
Come along to this waste and recycling presentation to hear from Council’s Waste Education Officer about how you and your household can reduce your waste to landfill and improve your recycling. This presentation will cover the issues with waste, the waste hierarchy, what can/cannot be recycled in your blue-lidded bins and other Council and community waste services residents can access, including:

  • Ideas for avoiding and minimising household waste
  • What happens to your household waste once Council collects it
  • How to better dispose of, use and re-use “waste”
  • Recycling – what can/can’t go in the wheelie bin and what happens to it
  • Composting options and resources for residents
  • Current projects and consultations on waste

When: Thursday 14th November, 5.30-7pm

RSVP 13th November

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