About Us

About the House:

North Ringwood Community House Inc (NRCHI) was established in 1975 was incorporated in 1985, and is managed by local elected community members. One of the features of a community house is the very strong commitment to and philosophy of community development.  This is reflected in the House’s vision statement and strategic goals.

 Vision statement:

Within five years, North Ringwood Community House will be a prominent and accessible hub for the local community, providing a valued experience for all users.

We will take a position of leadership in demonstrating environmentally sustainable principles of community house management.

Our core business is to offer support for all people who wish to develop professional or personal skills, whilst providing an avenue for social and recreational interaction in secure and non-threatening surroundings.”


The community house has identified the following key values as central to the way we conduct our operations:

 Service to the Community:

Committed to understanding and responding to the needs of the local community,


Accessible to individuals in need regardless of background or personal circumstances,


In the way that staff, tutors, volunteers and patrons work together,


Give support and encouragement in a friendly environment

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